• Comfortable and quiet use
  • Long battery life thanks to low power consumption
  • Posture determination (lying, sitting, walking) thanks to sensors
  • Carrying bag and sleeves suitable for use
  • Easy analysis thanks to software
  • Light and robust structure thanks to ABS plastic product
  • Ergonomic structure suitable for daily use

Blood Pressure Holters are portable medical devices used to continuously monitor and record patients' blood pressure. These devices record changes in blood pressure, allowing to analyze how blood pressure values ​​change during patients' daily activities over a day or longer. Blood Pressure Holters are an important tool for diagnosing, treating and monitoring hypertension (high blood pressure).

Blood Pressure Holters usually consist of an arm cuff and a recording unit. The arm cuff wraps around the patient's arm and continuously measures blood pressure. The recording unit records the data from the cuff and transfers it to a computer for later evaluation. Patients can wear the Holter device and record data for 24 hours or longer while going about their daily activities.

Blood Pressure Holters have many uses related to the diagnosis and treatment of hypertension. These devices provide a more accurate assessment by monitoring patients' blood pressure in their daily lives, outside of normal clinical environments. It is also used to evaluate the effectiveness of blood pressure medications and optimize treatment plans.

Blood Pressure Holters contain many medical-technical terms. Among these, "Systolic Pressure" is the maximum pressure applied to the arteries during the contraction of the heart. "Diastolic Pressure" is the minimum pressure in the arteries during relaxation of the heart. "Mean Arterial Pressure" is the average pressure that blood exerts on the arteries during a cardiac cycle. "Hypertension" is a state of persistently high blood pressure.